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Recetas is an application developed by Eroski supermarkets that provides a catalogue of thousands of healthy recipes that include advice and recommendations from nutrition experts. It will help you avoid foods that are dangerous for your health, especially if you have some complication with a particular food.

The big advantage of Recetas with respect to other cooking tools is that each recipe lists precise dietary comments and an ailment report that persuades or dissuades people affected by certain foods. So, you'll always be able to eat a delicious meal without having any kind of allergic reaction or serious problem. With this tool, you'll be able to create your own delicious menus, adding in any food that you need to eat. If you're an athlete or want to maintain a balanced diet, this application will be the perfect advisor.

Thanks to all the information included in each recipe, you won't have to worry when searching the thousands of possibilities. Indicate all the ingredients you have at home and Recetas will give you a list of the things you can cook. If you're out of something and want to go to the supermarket, this tool lets you create a shopping list so that you don't forget anything while you're at the store.

Each of the recipes includes a list of ingredients, step-by-step elaboration process, pictures, and even videos of how to make or cook certain portions. In addition to the ingredient search, you can also search Recetas by ailment, type of dish, time, price, or culinary technique, making your life easier when it comes to creating your weekly or daily menu. Download this comprehensive tool and forget about having to think up complicated dishes that fit your needs.
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